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The Importance of a Medical MOT

Your typical health screening services are designed to respond to symptoms, disease and provide the appropriate treatments for existing health concerns, also known as reactive medicine. Here at Duality Health, we offer private health screening services that are a little bit different. Our health screening services are designed to facilitate the detection of illness and disease before symptoms occur. This helps us to assess risk factors ahead of time and develop the most appropriate round of treatment.

This is a considered and timely method of assessment: a thorough panel of pathological and physiological measurements allowing a detailed snapshot of your current state of health – guiding the clinician towards avenues for exploration, examination and the identification of those warranting further investigation.

Our method of assessment involves a range of pathological and physiological measurements that allow our clinicians to see a detailed snapshot of your current health. This information is used by our clinicians and medical professionals to examine and identify conditions or problems that need further investigation.

Our medical MOT service is what sets us apart from other medical care providers in Northern Ireland, as well as our ability to go the extra mile for all of our patients. We want to ensure that you have an experienced GP at your disposal to talk through the results of your private health screening and discuss any abnormalities.

Our team believes that through meaningful discussion we can impact positively on your health and help mitigate significant stress further down the line. Knowledge is power when it comes to your health, and our motivation to implement change is never stronger than when we gain a true understanding of the issues at hand. This is what a Duality Health private health screening package offers.

“At 42 I felt invincible. But having been seen in Duality Health I found out that not only was I was pre-diabetic but my cholesterol was terrible. Duality’s helpful GP recommended that I go for a Cardiac CT Scan & we found out I have advanced changes of heart disease for my age. If I had of continued as I had been, something catastrophic would probably have happened to me, and my family. I’m now 10kg lighter & continuing to change my lifestyle – I’m on strict cholesterol control & medication for life – safer, healthier & in control “

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Our Premium Assessment

A comprehensive understanding of your body and its current function: individualised to men & women with sex-specific parameters*. 150 results across a range of essential health areas are compiled into a high-quality, colour-printed health report. Your results are presented in an easy to understand format with a detailed explanation of all findings. Our most comprehensive medical to date. Your package includes a 30 minute appointment with our GP to discuss the report, its findings & any concerns you may have.

  • Full Abdomen
  • Abdominal Vessels
  • Kidney Ureters Bladder
  • Hernia Check
  • Prostate/Testicles (men)
  • After consultation with our GP, scan of any identified issue – e.g. any undiagnosed lump or injured joint


Our Robust Assessment

A thorough understanding of your body’s physiological function is compiled into a detailed report and reviewed by our GP. 100 results across a range of essential health areas are compiled into a high quality, colour-printed health report which presents your results in an easy to understand format. Including: full cardiovascular profile (risk of heart disease/stroke/ peripheral vascular disease); diabetic & metabolic assessment; blood analysis, kidney, liver, thyroid and bone health, salt/metal and vitamin D profile with a PSA in men. Your package includes a 15 minute appointment with our GP to discuss the report, its findings & any concerns you may have

  • Full Abdomen
  • Abdominal Blood Vessels
  • Kidney Ureters Bladder


The process is simple.

  1. Make your initial 30 minute booking appointment with our experienced nurse
  2. Your data and pathology samples are returned to the laboratory within hours for processing
  3. You will be booked with our Sonographer who will undertake detailed scans of your internal organs and vasculature (available on ‘Complete’ & ‘Executive’ packages)
  4. Your glossy report is generated. This is initially shared with you by email that you may peruse the results and formulate any queries or concerns you may have for the clinician
  5. Clinician appointment*. Our clinician will have a detailed discussion on your results, your ideas, concerns and expectations. Further examination may be required. We may recommend further investigation or referral dependent on your clinical needs or wishes. Follow-up will be arranged for any abnormal findings following intervention. A plan of action will be discussed and agreed upon. 15-30 minutes.
  6. You then have the option to repeat your Medical in 12-24 months and chart your progress.