Private Healthcare

Private GP Services | Medicals | Vaccines | Wellness Screening

Providing individuals, families & business with instant access to Private GP Care, Scanning, Medicals, Wellness Screening, Mental Health Support & a range of additional services across Northern Ireland

Private Doctors

Private GP Appointments are available online and in-clinic at our surgeries across Northern Ireland. Appointments include consultant or specialist referrals & prescriptions if required and clinically indicated.

Integrated Care

Duality Healthcare provides easy access to an extensive range of GP, Nursing and Consultant led medical services in one integrated healthcare system. This integrated approach ensures you receive the highest quality diagnosis, treatment & care throughout our services.

Online & In-Clinic Appointments

At Duality Healthcare we understand how difficult scheduling appointments can be in our busy lives today. We offer face-to-face, video and telephone appointments across our clinics so our appointments can be scheduled to suit your needs.

Appointment Times

We know at Duality Healthcare that the time spent with a GP is critical to an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Unlike many other providers, appointment times with Duality are set to 15 minutes for Urgent or Routine issues, 30 minutes for a first time GP appointment for complex conditions & a range of follow ups starting at 5 – 10 minutes. This provides our GP’s with enough time to provide the highest possible quality of healthcare throughout our clinics but ensures you do not waste time or money. Extended appointments of 45 and 60 minutes are also available.

Pay As You Go / Monthly Options

You do not need to register with Duality Healthcare – our appointments are available as individual one off services. However, patients can spread the cost of their consultations, as well as many other benefits by becoming registered Duality Healthcare members.

Private Clinics

Private GP Appointments are available in all our surgeries across Northern Ireland. Book online or via our call-centre – available 9am-9pm Monday to Friday & 9am – 6pm Saturday & Sunday.


A range of GP appointment lengths & services

Special clinics

We have a wide range of specific clinics & services


Ultrasound, Fibroscans & Echocardiograms

Private Clinics

GP appointments are available online via telephone or video call. No software to download, simply book the appointment and click the link received in your confirmation email at the specified time. 


Minor Surgery & Skin Procedures, Pain Relieving Injections, Contraceptive Coils & Implants

Medicals reports

Driving, sport, occupational, medico-legal, fostering, adoption, insurance & critical illness.

Health screening

A range of detailed health screening packages & make-your-own MoTs. Health assessments for every budget.

Private Clinics

We offer a wide range of investigations Avoid: long NHS waits for ultrasound; difficulty accessing blood tests; embarrassment attending a GUM Clinic; waiting for years for a heart scan; waiting months for lung investigations.


Savings on pre-determined blood panels and access to 1000s of tests.

Std testing

Instant, same day & next day STD/STI testing, treatment & follow-up.

Ear Care

Our team conduct ear wax removal, hearing tests & provide a range of high-end hearing devices

Private Clinics

We have GPs with special interests across our network. Often we can prevent the need for consultant care – we can also identify when hospital care is needed.

Travel | immunisations

Prepare for travel by being prepared. Catch up with childhood vaccines or protect yourself for work.

Heart & lung tests

Our physiology team offer a detailed package of investigations for accurate heart & lung assessment

Allergy testing

Highly accurate blood testing of allergies. Access to a wide range of accessible panels

Private Clinics

We have a special relationship with The Kingsbridge Group – this expedites our patients’ access to secondary care services – consultant appointments can be made & confirmed whilst with our staff. Our partnership with Spectrum.Life gives patients rapid access to high quality psychology-led services & assistance with: mental health issues; diagnosis & theraputic intervention for childhood & adult ADHD + Autism.


We offer a range of affordable follow-up appointments on telephone, video and in-clinic to reduce the burden on illness and your wallet

Mental health

Read what our GPs can offer your mental health & the range of services at our disposal through Spectrum.Life.


Sometimes you don’t need an appointment to request referrals, sick notes or repeat prescriptions. Read our guidance.

Private Clinics

We have a range of Healthcare Plans to make Private Healthcare more accessible to everyone in Northern Ireland, not just those in higher tax brackets.

A Private GP near Me?

Northern Ireland-wide Service

The Largest Private GP Provider in NI.

Welcome to Duality Healthcare Northern Ireland, where a commitment to excellence in healthcare defines our mission.

We have a growing network of Private GP Clinics across NI and aim to bring Private General Practice to every corner of the North. We provide rapid access to appointments, late night opening, weekend clinics & a 7-day service.

Our Virtual GP Service, ensures access to our network of NI clinicians from any internet-connected device. No matter where you live, we can ensure you have access to Duality expertise, reliability & reassurance in an affordable manner.

Not just a GP Service…

A wide range of additional services

Our clinics are designed to facilitate rapid access to GP Services 7 days a week.

We have a greater degree of in-house diagnostics & services compared to an NHS Surgery – who would have to refer you to hospital for further investigation.

We also feel patients should have access to diagnostic services themselves – you know your own worries & concerns – that’s why you can book blood tests, investigations & scans yourself – without a GP referral. Be mindful to speak to one of our GPs if you have unexplained symptoms or your results throw up something abnormal!

I Love Duality Healthcare,

The most professional, competent, reassuring and friendly service I have ever encountered.

— Patient
mother hugging her baby

The Benefits of Private Healthcare

Access is an increasing issue when trying to access General Practice services. Whether it’s Monday to Friday or the evening or weekends, waiting times for GP’s & Out-of-hour’s services are not keeping pace with modern living and patient need. Our solution is to remove barriers to access – online instant booking; the option of Virtual or face-to-face care; 9am to 9pm opening Monday to Friday & appointments all weekend. This is what we offer at each of our clinics – rapid access.

With our telephones manned from 9am to 9pm weekdays & 9am to 6pm Saturday & Sunday you should never have difficulty getting through to a member of staff.

We are also mindful of the cost of living crisis. We keep our prices affordable and heavily discount access to patients who sign-up for our range of valuable memberships – starting at £6.99/month a GP appointment becomes only £45!

Our VirtualGPNI service provides even more responsive access to clinicians – not only can you undertake a consultation on your phone from any location, your wait for this service should be less than 15 minutes. Appointments start at only £39.

Duality Healthcare brings you affordable & accessible Private Healthcare.

Late Night & Weekend Access

Illness doesn’t come during normal opening hours & we don’t forget you have other responsibilities. With weekend access and appointments until 9pm Mon – Fri – you don’t need to miss out on what’s important in your life.

7 Day Opening

Between our growing clinics and our Virtual GP Service you are never further than a click-away from a qualified NI GP.

Online Instant Booking

Our non-member booking portal & Membership Portal allow you to book and confirm our full range of appointments, without the need to wait on hold. If you want to speak to someone – our admin team work the same hours as our GPs.


Duality Healthcare provides you and your family with fast and easy access to a medical care, 7 days a week, 9am – 9pm.


We can instantly issue referral letters or sick notes and share these securely with you by e-mail. Prescriptions can be instantly generated and shared also.


We have been providing Private General Practice since 2017 and have to date given care to ten’s of thousands of patients. We consistently score 4.5/5* on Google & Facebook reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Private Healthcare and using our service ? Well, we’ve got answers.

Can I keep my NHS GP?

Yes. We never recommend that you leave your NHS surgery. However, Duality Healthcare can completely replace your NHS care, should you wish. Alternatively you can use us to top-up your care or as an accessible alternative whilst using both systems – it’s your choice.

Can you refer me to the NHS?

Yes we can. As an NHS entitled patient we can refer you to the NHS.

With current waiting times it is likely that you will want us to refer you to the Private Sector on the majority of occasions. But should you wish an NHS referral this can be easily facilitated.

Do I need a referral to get bloods or scans?

Not at all. You can book an appointment yourself for bloods, an Ultrasound, Liver Fibroscan or Echocardiogram.

However, if you have symptoms or worries we would suggest booking an appointment with a GP to discuss these before booking bloods & scans, as these can be falsely reassuring without the consideration of a Doctor’s expertise.

You should definitely follow-up with a GP for any abnormal results – our clinics should be able to facilitate you with one of our Duality GPs within 24 hours.

Can you provide an interpreter with my GP Appointment?

We do recommend that you bring someone along with you if you think there may be language or communication difficulties during your appointment.  

However, if this is not possible we recommend you engage a telephone interpreter for which you will pay the cost, depending on the length of the consultation. See links below to interpreter companies based in Northern Ireland.

What tests can I get done at the clinic?

Duality can undertake blood tests, 24-hour blood pressures, spirometry, ECGs. We can arrange and undertake blood tests privately via our private pathology provider Randox Health.

You don’t attend many NHS GPs with an Ultrasound or Echocardiogram Service in-clinic. But that’s what we have. Advanced diagnostic imaging in-house to aid our GP team in making the most accurate diagnosis & best management plan for you.

Can you get me seen quicker by a consultant?

With our new partnership with the Kingsbridge Hospital Group, at Duality Healthcare we can guarantee you are seen faster than anyone else, including your GP. From June 2024 we will be able to book your Kinsbridge appointment before you leave clinic. As there is little-to-no wait for our GPs you will naturally be seen ASAP by our Private Consultant colleagues.

Can you give me a prescription or a sick-note?

A prescription, referral and/or sick-note is included in the price of all our consultations – so if you need any of these we will provide what is clinically appropriate. As our prescriptions are private you will have to pay at the chemist for the cost of any medication – don’t worry, most medications are off patent and a lot cheaper than you may imagine.

What’s happening in duality healthcare?
a glucometer over documents

Dr Murtagh is bringing dietary & lifestyle medicine to a clinic specifically for Type 2 Diabetic Patients.

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In our latest episode, our host, Sarah Travers, is joined by John McEvoy, Executive Chairman and Co-owner of Duality Health.

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