We now offer a range of nursing appointments both to supplement access to your NHS nursing services and to allow patients to arrange investigations on their own volition or at the request of a clinician.

You may be asked to get blood/pathology tests by your nutritionist, IVF Provider or you may have difficulty getting in contact with your own surgery and want your thyroid checked. In these circumstances you are responsible for the cost of any pathology tests ordered in addition to the cost of your appointment. The results of these tests would be returned to Duality Health and subsequently shared with you, the patient.

If you have been provided with an NHS request form and sticky labels, we are happy to take your blood for you as long as you are happy to deliver your samples to the lab at Daisy Hill. This option is for those finding it difficult to make appointments at their NHS treatment room and simply offers a more accessible and convenient appointment for patients. The results of these tests would be delivered to your NHS clinician.




NICE Guidelines recommend 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring as the ‘GOLD STANDARD’ of hypertension diagnosis and monitoring. A portable blood pressure cuff and recording box is attached to your person and records your Blood Pressure every few months for a whole 24 hour period



Our nurse will undertake an ECG of the electrical activity of your heart and the reading provided to you. Usually requested by a clinician. The recording can then be shared with the requesting clinician for interpretation. If you require interpretation by one of our GPs, a consultation will be required (15 minutes)



A range of commonly requested blood panels Price includes appointment and lab costs



You have had request forms and sticky labels provided to you by the NHS Consultant Team or your GP but you cannot make / attend an appointment with your Practice Treatment Room. We will be happy to take the samples for you and send you on your way with a sealed sample bag. You will then deliver this to your GP / Daisy Hill laboratory.


Private Blood Appointment

If you know what bloods you need but these are not covered by the panels available Cost £30 for appointment. Pathology charges will be an additional charge.