As NHS appointments have become increasingly difficult to book, and 1-1 consultations with healthcare professionals are continually near-impossible to find, private healthcare has become a necessary measure for those based in The United Kingdom. This is especially tough to cope with should you require an important operation, or if you need assistance with a recurring health issue which shows no signs of clearing up any time soon.

Health issues don’t come much more serious than those concerning the heart, and an echocardiogram (or echo) can certainly clarify matters should you have any concerns about this vital organ. A private echocardiogram could be the ideal measure to provide you with peace of mind, so read ahead and let Duality Health Ltd guide you through the intricacies of this crucial process, as well as the benefit of having an echo done privately,

Your Heart Health

As a vital organ within the human body, your heart health is central to your overall health, and is of course responsible for pumping nutrient-rich blood throughout your body. Also responsible for supplying oxygen while simultaneously removing toxins and waste from your system, as the centre of your cardiovascular system, the heart is vitally responsible for nearly everything that gives you life – ranging from the transport of oxygen to organs, and powering your immune system.

As part of both your cardiovascular and circulatory system, the heart’s health is essential to maintain throughout your life, not just when you’re young and fit or older and inactive in comparison. Consider taking proactive measures that ensure the muscle is strengthened and healthy for a longer, healthier life, while booking healthcare screenings and routine doctor visits are of course vital considerations. Good heart health is a byproduct of healthy eating, working out and remaining active, with these activities liable to keep your heart healthy and reduce your chances of developing heart conditions that might lead to further complications.

Echocardiograms Explained

Informally known as an ‘echo’, an echocardiogram is a medical procedure which uses sound waves to create pictures of the heart. This common test can show blood flow through the heart and heart valves, though the benefits are much more wide-ranging than simply being able to see the heart with your own eyes. If you’ve decided to press ahead with a procedure from Duality Health Ltd, your healthcare provider in question will be able to use the pictures from the test to find heart disease and other potential heart problems. If the echocardiogram has been prompted by the concerns of a GP or medical professional, there may be several defects or irregularities they’re looking for.

There are different types of echocardiogram, and the type you receive likely depends on the reason for the test in the first place. While some types of echocardiogram are done during exercise or pregnancy, you may also need an echocardiogram if you have symptoms of an underlying issue and your GP wants to learn more, if your GP wants to check on a condition you’ve already been diagnosed with, or if you’re preparing for a surgery or procedure. You may even have this procedure carried out if your healthcare specialist wants to check the outcome of a surgery or procedure.

Prioritising Your Health

A new year can often mean a renewed focus on health and wellbeing, so what better way to prioritise your health than with a committed healthcare membership at Duality Health? We offer appointments at times convenient to you, and as very much a patient-focused organisation, this can mean a degree of flexibility as well. Ultimately, we want to minimise the complexity of booking appointments, provide short wait times and ensure you’re granted the face-to-face time you need with our clinicians.

Seven minutes has traditionally been the average length of an NHS consultation, though at Duality Health we make time available to speak with our specialists – depending on your needs. We offer GP appointments in a range of 15 minute blocks up to 60 minutes, giving you a dedicated slot to have your concerns addressed. Remain aware that although you do not need to be a member to use our services, by subscribing to our membership you are making significant savings on Private Health Services as well as being prioritised in our network of clinics.

Going Private

If you’re wary of going private, be it due to financial constraints or a preconception that you won’t be receiving a good quality of care, know that accessing private healthcare can really speed up processes for you – whether that be having blood tests, or seeking urgent help with an injury. From an expenses viewpoint, there are a range of ways to pay for your treatment – including using private health insurance, self-paying for your treatment up front or spreading the cost of treatment with a flexible payment plan, which we’re more than open to.

One of the key benefits of selecting a private GP at Duality Health is the personalised attention and comprehensive care we provide. Private GPs have the luxury of spending more time with their patients, allowing them to better understand their medical histories, concerns, and overall health goals. This personalised approach enables tailored treatment plans specific to each individual, ensuring that the patient’s needs are fully addressed. Private GPs typically can see you at a time to suit you too, often on the same day.

Trust Us With Your Welfare

You may already have a heart disease diagnosis or other heart-related health condition, such as a past heart failure, heart attack, heart murmur, or valve disease, and of course all of these require regular monitoring. For this reason, you may be more than familiar with the long waits between visits to your cardiologist or between cardiac assessments. Our private cardiologists at Duality Health Ltd are glad to provide a quick, easy, and stress-free alternative, offering regular consultations with minimal wait times and reliable echocardiogram procedures.

Whatever your health concerns, our private echocardiogram service can help you maintain your heart’s health and avoid significant or unexpected deterioration. With long waits on echocardiograms across Northern Ireland, opting for a private cardiologist can help to ensure that you access the cardiac assessments you need – early on in your illness.

Duality Health Ltd: Book Your Private Health Appointment

Searching for reliable and receptive healthcare professionals in your local area? At Duality Health Ltd, we’re delighted to provide such a service. Ideal for individuals, families, and organisations in need of urgent treatment, an in-depth private GP consultation or a reliable alternative to NHS care, our experienced clinical team can provide a complete range of services – as well as those you would ordinarily require onward referral for – on one site. Whether you require diagnostic ultrasound, a heart scan, bloods or a 24 hour blood-pressure, our team can help, always keen to take on new patients in the area.

Rest assured, our highly qualified clinicians always offer a confidential, quality service which is highly accessible. We can provide you with peace of mind – regardless of the issue you’re dealing with, and our dependable online booking system and helpful administrative team streamline your access to care. Many of our services also facilitate walk-in access, so contact us today for unrivalled customer service, and a shining dedication to patient care. Simply call 028 308 33666 for our Newry surgery, or 028 252 56093 for Galgorm.