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Duality Health provides relaxed consultations with an experienced clinician who takes the time to properly address your medical issues and concerns. We offer fast and effective private GP appointments, meaning you receive treatment right when you need it, not after weeks of worry and stress. 

Our clinicians are available for 15-, 30- and 45-minute appointments, so you can choose the option that best suits your medical needs. By inviting you to select your own appointment length, we ensure thorough consultations without the frustrating delays of public healthcare surgeries.

Book your private GP appointment below, and we will help you find relief for your medical problems.


Choosing a time for your private GP appointment

If you are not sure how long you will need for a private GP appointment, it is always best to book a longer time slot. Our appointment times indicate the maximum allowance for each booking to ensure patients are seen in a timely manner.

Rather than taking up another patient’s time, clinical issues that require longer and more detailed consultations will require an additional appointment. This supports the smooth running of our service, and demonstrates our respect for all our patients’ time and responsibilities.

Thank you for your understanding.


Dr Morgan & The Duality Health team

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Out of Hours / Urgent Care – £60

Suitable for sudden illness and symptoms lasting a short period of time. Clinical issues suitable for an Out of Hours service only

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15 Minute GP Appointment – £75

Suitable for a new presentation of one clinical problem. It will facilitate the clinicians preparation if you include in your booking details of the history of your condition

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30 Minute GP Appointment – £140

Suitable for complex issues or a second opinion. It will facilitate the clinicians preparation if you include in your booking details of the history of your condition and any historical results of investigations.

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45 Minute GP Appointment – £210

Suitable for multiple issues. It will facilitate the clinicians preparation if you include in your booking details of the history of your condition and any historical results of investigations.

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GP Video Consultation – £55

Suitable for medical issues where an examination is not required e.g. sick note, referral, renewal of prescription, mental health issues, follow-up

Frequently asked questions

Where is the appointment?

In-person private GP appointments are held at our Newry Clinic at 9 Monaghan Street, Newry, BT35 6BB.

If you are not able to visit the Duality Health clinic yourself, we also offer video consultations. These allow our clinicians to give you high-quality medical care from a place that suits you.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes, all patients need to wear a mask.

As a private clinic, we reserve the right to ask all visitors to wear a mask while in the building. If you have an exemption or do not wish to wear a mask, we are happy to offer you a video consultation instead. This is to protect other vulnerable patients, as well as the clinicians and administrative staff who deliver your service.

You may be asked by clinical or administrative staff to remove your mask for short periods for the purposes of testing or examination. This is appropriate, and has been thoroughly risk-assessed to ensure you stay safe.

Can family members come into the consultation?

We allow one family member to attend with the patient if they require assistance or are vulnerable. This is to minimise risk to you and the clinician by limiting the number of people in a closed space.

Can the clinician extend my appointment?

If every patient overran their appointment by five minutes, we would be hours behind schedule by the end of each day. Since Duality Health is a busy clinic with busy patients, we make the effort to stick to scheduled appointment lengths unless there is a serious medical emergency. This policy allows us to provide a convenient and valuable service, and ensures we give every patient the same high level of respect.

Can the GP take my bloods?

We now employ a phlebotomist to take blood and pathology samples. This allows the GP to focus on clinical matters and follow their appointment schedule. There is a very small fee for patients referred by the GP to the phlebotomist for blood tests.

Can you refer me to the NHS?

We can refer you to the NHS or private sector providers. But except for admission to hospital or a 2-week-wait cancer referral, most other waiting times for NHS care run into 12 months or more. This even includes urgent referrals.

For timely consultant opinions, we strongly recommend being referred to one of our private secondary care partners.


Is there a charge for referrals or prescriptions?

Referral letters and printed prescriptions generated during the consultation are included with the cost of your appointment. Later requests for referrals or prescriptions will carry a fee.

If you receive a private prescription, you are responsible for the cost of medications at the pharmacy.

Can the clinician prescribe antiobiotics?

Our clinicians will prescribe antibiotics when clinically appropriate, following the same evidence-based guidance as our NHS colleagues. But while private GP appointments are an excellent way to receive a quick and insightful medical opinion, we offer no guarantee of a prescription. Prescribing antibiotics on request would be poor medical practice, and could cause you more harm than good.

Do you prescribe controlled drugs?

We do not currently prescribe or administer Schedule 1-3 drugs. However, we can prescribe non-Schedule medications, and Schedule 4 & 5 medications.

If your appointment is to ask for specific medication, please check the relevant government guidance before booking your appointment.