The practice will not tolerate violent or abusive behaviour .

Anyone verbally abusing either a member of staff or the public, or using inappropriate language, will be asked to leave the premises. The P.S.N.I. may be informed.

Anyone who is violent or causes damage will be removed immediately and barred from our services.

Patients will also be removed from the list and declined appointments in the following circumstances:

  • Violence and aggression towards staff or members of the public.
  • Damage to practice property or equipment.
  • Patients who the doctors are unable to manage clinically e.g. breach of contract with doctor regarding use of prescribed medicine
  • Break down in patient communication with Duality Health Ltd, its directors, employees or contracted staff
  • Slanderous or libellous communications regarding Duality Health Ltd, its directors, employees and contacted staff
  • Non-adherence to the Booking & Cancellation Policy

Patients who are disruptive and display aggressive and/or intimidating behaviour and refuse to leave the premises, staff are instructed to dial 999 for Police assistance, charges may then be brought against these individuals.