At Duality Health we now offer all steroid injections via ‘Gold-Standard’ Ultrasound-Guided injections. Why is this?

The benefit of high resolution ultrasound is the specificity of our diagnostic scan: we can see the offending pathology; determine exactly what structures are involved; directly observe needle placement & the precise infiltration of medication into exactly the desired spot.

In our opinion injections by touch alone do not compare to the clinical accuracy achieved whilst using a high definition scanner.

At Duality Health we offer rapid access to joint injection and are happy to take referrals from patients or their clinician – no referral letter is necessary.


Our in-house sonographer specialises in joint injections. We provide diagnostic joint scans prior to any course of treatment and utilise ultrasound-guided injections to maximise the effectiveness of steroid injections.


Book a diagnostic ultrasound & subsequent joint injection – for £280 total:

Diagnostic Scan £140 +  Guided Injection £140


Why do we charge separately? Sometimes your scan will show pathology that is not amenable to an injection – we only proceed & charge for procedures which will be to your benefit.

Steroid Injections

If you suffer from joint pain caused injury or arthritis a GP, Consultant or Physiotherapist may suggest a steroid joint injection (corticosteroid). Steroids help to reduce inflammation which aids the reduction of pain and swelling in your joints to allow them to move more easily.

Steroid injections are often used with other medicines and physiotherapy. Such injections are not a cure for the condition affecting your joint, but they may ease symptoms.

During your consultation, the clinician will detail possible side effects and complications and how they can affect you.

Ease of Access to Procedures

Duality Health provides patients with a rapid-access musculoskeletal injection option. From frozen shoulder to knee arthritis, wrist tendonitis to plantar fasciitis, we offer a highly-skilled, efficient, rapid-access service.

If pain is interfering with your working day, normal movement, fitness goals or rest at night, we can help. See our options below for a wide range of bookings and our next available appointment.

If you are not sure whether a steroid joint injection is the most appropriate solution for you, book a consultation with one of our Private GPs.