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Our experienced audiologists & GPs have decades of experience in looking after the health of your ears & protecting your hearing. All audiologists are qualified to the current UK & Irish standards and registered with either BSHAA, ISHAA and/or the HCPC.

Whether your issue is symptoms of the canal – blockage, itching or pain; you are bothered by tinnitus; you are concerned about your hearing and require formal testing; or you need the latest hearing aids with modern digital technology – we can help.

We undertake ear care for this 18y/o and over only.

At the start of Covid-19 NHS GP Surgeries stopped providing ear wax removal services. This has led to an increase in qualified & non-qualified providers taking advantage of this gap in care provision. It remains difficult to get timely appointments in General Practice for ear wax removal & subsequently the hospital service is also oversubscribed.

At Duality Health we have qualified & registered GPs & Audiologists who can undertake your ear wax removal. We offer ear Microsuction, the Gold Standard for ear wax removal.

Ear Microsuction is undertaken with DIRECT VISUALISATION of your ear canal and ear drum – we wear & utilise high magnification microscopes to ensure that throughout your procedure we can see directly what we are doing, in real-time. This method of treatment is safe, comfortable and the gold-standard in ear wax removal. Sometimes we will help the wax along with safe irrigation.

If our audiologist or doctor feels you have pathology that warrants a consultant having a look – we can arrange a referral. If we feel you need a hearing test – we can do this in-house.

What appointment do I need?

We offer a range of services to patients – read a little more about what we can do for you

How do I know I need ear wax removal?

You may have been told by an audiologist, GP or nurse that your ears need attention. Otherwise some of the symptoms you may experience are:

  • Discomfort or infection as wax builds up pressing against the canal – like having a stone in your ear
  • Sudden partial/full hearing loss – particularly obvious after swimming
  • A full feeling in the ears
  • Itchiness in the ear canal
  • New dizziness/imbalance
  • Tinnitus – ringing/buzzing/noise in your ears

Is removing wax safe?

Very. Our clinicians are experienced. Wax is removed in a number of ways: microsuction, with instruments  or with irrigation – depending upon what your ears need.

We use the most modern of equipment to observe your ear canals whist we clean them so we can see what we are doing.

If we can’t remove the wax on the day, and another session is required, your follow-up will be free of charge.

My mum can’t get to clinic. Can you help us at home?

We provide domiciliary services to nursing & residential environments as well as clients’ own homes. The cost of this service is nominally more due to the time required.

Do you provide hearing aids?

We will make sure you get the right hearing aid at the right price via trusted partners


Do you offer hearing tests?

We offer in-depth hearing tests with a Hearing Booth on-site.

When can you see me?

Our appointments are during the week, from Duality Health Newry, 900am – 9pm. Domiciliary visits may be day-time or evenings to fit in with clinic demands.

Can I get an appointment for ear wax removal in the evening or weekend?

Our GPs also undertake ear wax removal and have appointments available until 9pm weekdays and also at weekends.

Choose the most appropriate appointment below