At Duality Health we offer a responsive contraceptive service, with little to no wait.

Our clinicians have decades of experience in family planning and are skilled in:

  • Contraceptive Implant insertion, replacement and removal
  • Contraceptive Coil insertion & removal – Copper & Mirena
  • Alternative oral, transdermal and injectable contraceptives
  • Smears

We additionally are happy to consult on a wide range of womens’ health problems, including:

  • The menopause & HRT in all its modalities
  • Initial fertility consultations, investigations, advice & referral
  • Period irregularities
  • Bladder problems


NHS (N.Ireland) & GMS (Ireland) patients are entitled to free contraception. Most GPs will be happy to issue a state-funded prescription for your implant/coil device whilst you arrange Private Insertion with us or other providers.

We also hold a stock of all implants & coils which we can provide privately to patients for their procedure.

When considering your contraeptive options you want something reliable. The coil & contraceptive implant (the bar) are perfect for this. With effectiveness from 3 to 7 years these methods of contraception take the stress out of family planning.

You will be consented for the procedures & any preliminary tests undertaken – we have access to instant as well as laboratory STD testing facilities.

Our appointments are in the evenings or weekend – allowing you to plan around your other responsibilities.

Our facility has daily ultraound services meaning that the presence and positioning of implants & coils is easily answered.

Your access to GP and sexual health appointments means that we can cater to all aspects of your family planning & sexual health needs in a timeframe to suit you.

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