Whether you’re keen on running laps of a training track, shooting hoops at your local basketball court or diving left, right and centre to save shots as a goalkeeper, injuries can be sustained in many instances. Varied in severity, manner and urgency, these problems can not only influence your ability to play organised sports, but also affect you in day-to-day life. 

Even with the correct equipment and precautions taken, many injuries are absolutely unavoidable, therefore having reliable medical professionals to call on if necessary is a smart move. Taking you through some of the most commonplace injuries, issues and afflictions you may come across as a result of playing sports or competing, let Duality Health Ltd act as your reliable guide within this detailed article. 

Staying Active

If you’ve ever taken in the thrills and spills of playing for an organised sports team, competed against others in a solo sport, or even hired out a tennis court or pitch with friends, you’ll know just how enjoyable these endeavours can be. Mentally and physically stimulating, regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your welfare, able to improve your brain health, help to manage weight, reduce risk of contracting many common diseases and even significantly strengthening bones and muscles.

General Guidance

As you would perhaps expect, injuries are more common in contact and high-intensity sports, though almost all sporting events carry an element of risk to them. Among the most popular sports to play in The UK include football, cricket, rugby and various athletic events., Each of which carry distinct risks. Utilising the correct equipment, playing on the correct surfaces and abiding by general rules should safeguard you sufficiently, though this is by no means foolproof. The most common type of sports injuries occur in the ankle, foot, wrist, thumb, knee, leg or back. If you’ve sustained an injury and want to err on the side of caution, a video consultation with private doctors may be the way to go.


A contact sport with a lot of physical exertion involved, football is a fast, high energy activity, so injuries are common. With millions competing in organised football matches on a weekly basis across the United Kingdom, among the most common football injuries are ankle sprains, knee injuries, quad, hamstring, and groin strains. Often running on an uneven surface and having to change direction at a moment’s notice, the ligaments that stabilise your ankle joint can easily become overstretched, while the muscles in the leg are often under pressure. Particular injuries are even more common for those playing in particular positions, for example a goalkeeper would be more liable to sustain a broken arm or bruising to the upper body.


Intense in nature and extremely physical in many instances, rugby players can pick up injuries to the body, legs, arms or even the head. Among the most prominent injuries sustained by players, especially pertinent and serious due to the long-term implications they may hold, concussion injuries should be addressed immediately by medical professionals. At Duality Health, we would urge anyone suffering from concussion to identify the signs, and swiftly seek medical assistance. The telltale signs include unsteadiness standing up, struggling with general balance and coordination, repeated instances of falling over, as well as general confusion or disorientation.


Though the vast array of athletics events there are to enjoy means that injuries are assorted, and vary from event to event, there are several prominent injury types that persist between disciplines. The hamstring often takes on a lot of pressure from event to event, with tears and strains not uncommon. Hamstring strains typically happen within the more explosive disciplines, such as sprints, hurdling and jumps, though overexertion and a lack of training can increase the likelihood of injury between events. Often caused by poor technique or motor skills, injuries to the achilles tendon, knee, lower leg, and low back are also common. 

Combat Sports

The nature of combat sports such as boxing and martial arts means that injuries are frequent, with competitors sometimes tasked with causing visible injury to their opponent in order to gain an edge. Cuts and bruises are a commonality, with stitches sometimes required, and lengthy courses of treatment. Injuries to the hands, wrists and feet are to be expected within disciplines that involve striking, whereas competing in wrestling, ju-jitsu and similar can result in back injuries due to hyperextension or poor technique. We would always recommend practising these events within controlled environments and with the correct equipment, be it mats or head guards.


Repeated use of a tennis racket and the motion of swinging one can lead to a number of injuries, from wrist strains and muscle damage to the dreaded tennis elbow.  As always, to reduce your chances of injury, you should try to make sure that you warm up properly before engaging with the sport, with stretches encouraged. Ideally, you need to have all of your muscles, tendons and ligaments loose and strong before heading to the court to play. Identifying these issues isn’t always easy, though a medical professional will be capable of assisting. Swelling, bruising and unexplained pain are all reasons to seek GP Services from Duality Health.

Choosing Your Private Health Care Provider

Choosing your private health care provider isn’t always a simple decision, with plenty of factors to consider. Whereas you may be keen to simply choose a provider based on their proximity to your home, there’s actually much more to consider. Whereas some providers lack the resources to accommodate home visits and round-the-clock emergency healthcare, at Duality Health we take this in our stride. We also endeavour to provide the largest selection of healthcare services for you, from scans and routine consultations to testing and sexual health appointments.

Duality Health Ltd: Private Health Care And GP Services

Keen to assist if you’re suffering from an unexpected medical issue, surprising illness, or painful injury, our private doctors at Duality Health Ltd are  pleased to offer a variety of services for individuals, families, and organisations. If you’re in need of after-hours care, an in-depth GP consultation, a particular surgical procedure or a custom medical exam, we’re here for you. Our highly trained clinicians always provide a confidential service in a relaxed, welcoming, and secure environment too, ensuring those long and laborious waits are a thing of the past. 

Regardless of the medical problems you’re facing, we can give you peace of mind, providing a range of GP services to choose from. Our dependable online booking system and attentive administrative staff always enable you to receive thorough medical advice and treatment in a timely manner too! Regardless of circumstance, our team of skilled clinicians will be happy to hear about your worries, evaluate conditions, and set up any necessary tests – so don’t hesitate to call us on 028 3083 3666 to learn more about our extensive selection of clinical services, or to book an appointment.