Your liver health should never be underestimated, with this vital organ responsible for filtering all of the blood in your body, breaking down poisonous substances, such as alcohol and drugs. For these reasons, consulting a GP about your liver health should be prioritised if you have concerns, while you should account for some of the more prominent activities which could be damaging the liver. 

Let Duality Health Ltd direct you towards some harmful habits and disruptive dietary choices within this blog post.

Unsafe Sex

As irrelevant as it may seem at face value, practising safe sex is one way to prioritise your all-important liver health, though this of course isn’t the only benefit. Those who regularly have unsafe sex at a higher risk of liver damage than their counterparts who practise safe sex, with hepatitis, a potentially fatal liver disease, often contracted sexually. Use condoms and latex protection and always practise safe sex as a precaution.

Excessive Sugar

A less surprising revelation overall, too much sugar is of course bad for the body and affects a number of your vital organs, and significantly, too much sugar causes a fat buildup on the liver. Frequent and sustained fructose consumption can lead to irreversible liver damage, and as only liver cells can handle fructose, this organ is the last line of defence in many ways. Those worried should turn to natural sugars and avoid processed food.

A Stressful Lifestyle

Is your lifestyle especially hectic or overwhelming as it stands? Feeling stressed for a long period of time over the years can result in liver damage, and exposing yourself to too much stress on a daily basis can set a bad precedent. Research has linked the liver to the emotion of anger – and feeling stressed or angry too often can lead to permanent damage. 

Studies have in fact found a connection between psychological stress and deaths due to liver problems. If you’re concerned, a trip to your local GP is always recommended, for a private liver scan or routine consultation.

Neglecting Exercise

Taken up some additional exercise as a new year’s resolution? Evern a light jog or regular gym session can do you a world of good. Exercising is related to better overall health but it also helps the liver specifically. Burning calories leads to perspiration which helps the body detoxify itself thus benefiting the liver. Exercising at least three to four times a week is ideal, while just half an hour of walking is sufficient to keep your body in good shape.

Concerned about your liver health and not sure who to consult? At Duality Health, our highly qualified clinicians always offer a confidential, top quality service, which is highly accessible. We can provide you with peace of mind, regardless of the issue you’re dealing with, so contact today and benefit from decades of experience.