Private healthcare is becoming a more popular choice for many individuals and families, and for good reason. Our blog explores some of the benefits that come with choosing independent healthcare clinics and how they can help you. To find out more about how private healthcare can help you, keep on reading!

Benefits Of Private Healthcare

Unlike the NHS, which is a free healthcare service here in the UK, private healthcare is medical care that you are paying for. Many people decide to opt for private services for a range of reasons.

Personal Service

One of the main benefits of choosing private doctors is the personal level of service you receive. If you have ongoing health conditions or long-term illnesses, having a doctor who gets to know you on a more personal level can be an important factor. It can make you feel more comfortable and trusting during your medical appointments.

Shorter Waiting Times

With private healthcare, the waiting times are much shorter, and lots of the general processes are quicker. From being seen by a doctor, to receiving your prescription or having a more intense procedure done, private healthcare clinics move these processes along much faster. This is important to many of us, and helps us feel more assured by our healthcare provider.

Access To Medications

Some medications can’t be prescribed on the NHS, or they may be unavailable. When you choose to go private with your healthcare, you have access to a much wider range of treatments and medications. You can usually collect these medications on the day, have them delivered to your home or to your local pharmacy.


Continuity in doctors and nurses is important to a lot of us, and with private healthcare clinics, you are guaranteed to see your same doctor at each of your appointments if you wish. This means that your GP or medical professional gets a much better understanding of your medical history, prescriptions and other factors. It can make your medical appointments much easier, quicker and thorough.

The Best Of Both Worlds

If you decide to pay for private healthcare, you are still able to use the NHS if you choose to, allowing you access to both medical services. However, it is advised that you don’t use both services when taking medication or undergoing any kind of treatment, as this can cause complications.

Independent Healthcare You Can Rely On: Duality Healthcare

Here at Duality Healthcare, we are a professional private medical clinic, offering a range of health services. From urgent care and GP services to family planning and health screening, we offer a variety of health services for all of our patients.

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