There’s nothing like the excitement of planning your next holiday. And that excited feeling just tends to grow the closer you get to the day of departure.

There are a few preparation steps that you can take before you go to make your holiday even more enjoyable and stress free. Here are the 5 essential holiday prep steps to help you get ready for your trip:

Check your travel documents

This is a boring but essential holiday preparation step that you should take before every holiday. Imagine how you’d feel if you got to the airport and realised that your passport expired, or that you didn’t have the correct visa. Some countries also require that your passport should be valid for at least x amount of months from your entry date.

Check out the specific travel regulations including visa requirements for the country you are going to well in advance of your trip. This way you can make sure any necessary applications are processed in time.

Sort out your travel insurance

Even if you’ve already got insurance, make sure that is renewed if necessary. You may also require extra cover if you’re planning to participate in any activities. For instance for jet skiing or scuba diving you may need additional cover. Don’t forget to check the small print of your insurance documents so you can have complete peace of mind that you’re covered when out there.

Get any travel vaccinations required

If you’re unsure which vaccines or medication are required for the country you’re visiting, you should be able to find out online. Or your nearest vaccination clinic may be able to provide travel consultation and advise you on the essential vaccinations you need for your trip.

Make sure you have a sufficient supply of your medication

This is important as people often forget and need an urgent prescription right before the trip, which can add some stress when you should be focusing on packing. Check that you have enough of your required medication a couple of weeks in advance. Also check on the website of the destination’s embassy whether they will need to see your prescription to allow you to bring the medication into the country.

Get your currency exchanged in advance

A lot of travellers tend to leave their currency exchange to the airport. It’s worth investigating the best rates online and getting it in advance to save yourselves some extra holiday spending money. You could also get a prepaid travel card, or order a debit card which is designed for international travel such as Monzo or Revolut.

Don’t forget to let your bank know that you’ll be away so they don’t place a block on the card when they note the overseas transactions!

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