It may be that all your friends are having children or your parents are pestering you about whether they’ll become grandparents or not, but the time has come where you’ve started to think about starting a family and having your first child. Whether you’re looking to conceive naturally, use a donor or are looking to adopt, thinking about starting a family is a huge step and it will come as no surprise that having and caring for a child is a huge responsibility.

So, before anything else, here are four things you might need to sit and think about when planning to start a family.

Consider also, that you could end up having twins, triplets or even more!


Of course, there are different circumstances when it comes to having a child. From happily married couples to singles using a sperm donor, there are various different options to consider. However, if you’re looking to start a family with your partner, consider if there’s anything that needs to be done first.

For example, do you want to be married before you have a child? Where is he/she at in their life and are they ready? Do you both feel you need to move to a bigger place first? All of these questions should be approached and both your considerations should be taken into account. What stage of the relationship are you, do you feel like you support each other and do you feel good together? A baby can put pressure on a relationship, therefore feeling ‘togetherly’ and ‘both ready’ is the first step.

Personal situation

Consider where you are in life and ask yourself if you’ve done everything that you wanted to do before having children. This could include going back to college or university to study, being brave and starting a new career or travelling the world. If you’re content and happy with where you are in life, this is a sign that you’re ready. Fact is, there may always be something else you want to do, but the real question is whether you’re content and want to make that sacrifice.

Financial situation

Unfortunately, starting a family is not a one-off payment. From feeding and clothing an extra person to paying for schooling and hobbies, there are so many financial aspects to think about. Sit down and take some time to go over your finances and outgoings – there is no set price to having a child either, so research initial costs such as cots, prams, bottles and clothes.

Speaking to a family planning service

If you’re thinking of starting a family, it’s always a good idea to go to a family planning and women’s health service. Whether you’d like to discuss issues on contraception, such as not taking the pill or having your coil removed, or advice regarding cervical screening, definitely consider speaking to the experts today. You can also spend time talking to them about any worries you have, hereditary conditions from you or your partner and what the options are if it turns out you can’t conceive naturally, for example IVF, donors and adoption.

It always pays to be prepared. So, if you’re looking for family planning or women’s health advice and support, contact our team at Duality Health today for more information.