When hunting for jobs, it’s natural to look at the benefits employers offer with their advertised roles; this can include an array of advantages from paid sick leaves to a generous holiday allowance, or even private medical insurance.

This is an especially generous perk favoured by many employees due to the benefits it offers. Read on as we explain what this is in more detail and discuss how it actually works.

What is Employee Health Insurance?

Employee health insurance is the same as any other private medical insurance, with the simple difference being that your policy is paid for by your employer, not by you. This then covers you if you need to book a health consultation or seek treatment for a specific condition – assuming the reason for your visit is covered by the policy.

How Does it Work?

Private medical insurance works by covering the costs involved with seeking out private healthcare services. For example, if you require a private GP appointment, then you can make a claim through your private medical insurance in order to cover the cost of this.

Typically, you will be required to pay a small excess, as with most insurance policies, however the insurance company will then cover the rest of the costs involved. Many people see paying this excess as highly worth it, since it is only a fraction of the total price you’d otherwise be paying, whilst your employer then pays the monthly cost for the insurance plan itself.

The Benefits of Private Healthcare

Better Access to Appointments

With the unfortunate lack of funding the NHS is receiving, wait times for appointments and treatments through the NHS are at an all time high. With an independent healthcare provider, this is not an issue – not only will you get an appointment, but you will often be seen at a time and date that suits you, rather than having to wait weeks just for an appointment to become available.

Comprehensive Care

Another benefit to private healthcare is that the care you receive can feel much more comprehensive. Your appointments will not be rushed, rather you will have ample opportunity to discuss all your symptoms and your condition with the health professional in detail. Furthermore, there is often excellent follow-up care, such as receiving information about test results within 24-hours or arranging swift follow-up tests or treatments.

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