When winter comes around, so do many illnesses. It’s not uncommon for the elderly and young to be far more susceptible to illness during the winter months and it’s important for everybody to be conscious of their health during cold snaps of weather. To help, we’ve provided a brief guide on how to stay healthy this winter.

Try To Deter ‘Comfort Food’ Cravings

There’s often nothing better than eating rich comfort food when it’s cold outside, however, too much of it can see you pile on the pounds in no time at all. It’s fine to treat yourself once in a while, but aim to keep carb-rich food like pies and crumbles to a minimum if possible. Doing so will mean you don’t put on too much weight as you’re likely to be less active in the winter.

Exercise More (At Home if You Need To)

Even though it’s cold outside, it’s still important to remain active and ensure that you keep doing as much – if not more – exercise as you usually do. If you really can’t bear to brave the cold weather, complete an exercise regime in the comfort of your own home – it’ll save you money on gym memberships and classes too!

Eat Foods Which Strengthen Immune System

When the winter comes along, illness spreads much more rapidly. One way to prevent this is to fill up on foods that strengthen your immune system to combat contagious viruses and bacteria. This means eating lots of citrus fruits, ginger, leafy greens, garlic and other vegetables.

Have a Wholesome and Hearty Breakfast

One of the benefits of the colder months is that it’s perfect for a lovely warm bowl of porridge in the morning. Filling up on healthy porridge for breakfast is a great way to keep you full for longer and get in the fibre necessary for a healthy diet.

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