As embarrassing as it may be to consult a GP about sexually transmitted diseases or infections, the importance of having these issues treated as soon as possible cannot be overstated. Surprisingly common and likely to result in a number of health issues if you leave them untreated, some of the most common diseases can be rectified within a single visit to your GP. 

Let the local healthcare specialists at Duality Health Ltd take you through all you need to know, wth details of some more common STDs.


Certainly cause for seeing a GP is you’ve had several sexual partners within a short space of time, herpes is one of the most contagious STDs around. Among the damaging effects of this prominent STD, herpes can affect foetuses, and have long-lasting effects if not treated. Spread very easily, oral herpes can show up as cold sores or fever blisters, as well as genital or anal sores, so keep an eye out for these signs if you’re concerned.


There are several warning signs that you may be suffering from chlamydia, one of which may come in the form of burning during urination, while you may have noticed abnormal vaginal or penile discharge. The bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis is responsible for this STD, which can crucially have no signs or symptoms, making it hard to identify. Getting regularly checked is of such importance as chlamydia can lead to infertility, ectopic pregnancies or chronic pelvic pain.


Contagious and dangerous if left untreated for a time, direct contact with a syphilis sore can lead to immediate transmission, and if untreated, later stages of the disease can damage the heart, blood vessels, liver, bones, joints, and skin. Identifiable in a number of ways, the infection may begin with a round, firm, painless sore located on the penis, vagina, anus, or mouth. Sometimes, these sores go unnoticed, because they are painless, but be wary.


Some experts have theorised that gonorrhoea  diagnoses may be on the rise post-pandemic, with this STD increasingly common. Among the common signs are genital discharge, and a burning or painful sensation during urination, which should never be taken lightly, as untreated women may experience pelvic inflammatory disease, which can lead to infertility and sometimes even death without medical intervention.

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