Our health is one of, if not the, most important things in life. If your health fails, it can affect everything else that is going on in your life. The condition of our health can have a major effect on our happiness, our stress levels and our ability to comfortably complete day-to-day activities.

While we can do our best to look after our health and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, injuries, illnesses and diseases can be unpredictable. From smaller health problems such as indigestion and aches and pains, to life-threatening health conditions, our health can determine how we live our lives – which is why taking care of our health is extremely important. Diagnosing and treating health problems as quickly as possible is imperative to ensure that we remain healthy and able. 

Private healthcare is available for anyone who is in a position to pay for their medical treatment. Going private means that you can avoid long waiting lists that can be common with the National Health Service (NHS) and have access to specialists and consultants, treatments and procedures that may not be available to you on the NHS. There are many reasons why private healthcare may be the best option for you, some of which we explore below. 

The benefits of a private medical centre

Quicker treatment 

Private healthcare offers faster appointments and treatment, with shorter queues and a reduced waiting time. Public health services can become overwhelmed with demand; sometimes, patients are left weeks, even months, waiting to be seen. During this time, health conditions, illnesses and injuries can worsen. Going private allows you to access a doctor more quickly, speeding the entire process up and prioritising your health and needs. Regardless of whether your issue is an emergency or not, one of the main advantages of private healthcare is the speed in which patients are seen to, diagnosed and treated- a service which the NHS cannot match. 

Private healthcare can be particularly beneficial for those who are self-employed, or semi-pro sports teams. For these people, taking time off and waiting for injuries or illnesses to be treated can have a major effect on the individual’s career and finances, or the teams’ competing capability. In this case, private healthcare is the ideal option as it provides quick treatment to ensure that individuals can get back to a normal routine as soon as possible. 

More control over healthcare

Private healthcare gives you more control over your healthcare and gives you greater choice when it comes to your healthcare experience – a luxury that is not available through the NHS. Private healthcare allows patients to choose where they are treated, when they are treated and who they are treated by. Generally, in private hospitals, treatments are carried out in private rooms which provide optimum comfort for patients. Hotel type services such as menu choices, a television, unlimited visiting hours and ultimate privacy are just a few key factors. 

Private healthcare provides the luxury of choice; for many people, undergoing treatment can be stressful and daunting, which is why many people choose to do this in the comfort and privacy of a private hospital. Public health facilities are funded by the government and can sometimes lack comfortability and become overcrowded. 

Choosing your own doctor

For many patients, having the same doctor or consultant who is aware of your medical background is important. Undergoing treatment can be daunting; having the same consultant throughout your time in hospital and during the after-care process can provide a sense of comfort and familiarity, making the process somewhat easier. Having one consultant from the very beginning monitoring and overseeing your treatment can provide reassurance that the continuity of high-level care is maintained. 

Added and improved private clinic services

When it comes to healthcare, going private generally includes more types of treatment and services, providing easier access to expert specialists in certain fields. Private healthcare clinics refer you to any acute service required and can dispense of drugs immediately, ensuring that you are seen by the correct specialist as soon as possible. This can be particularly beneficial for sports teams dealing with serious injuries which can affect their play and careers. Having access to a specialist who is an expert in a certain field ensures that you receive the best advice, treatment and after-care. 

Private healthcare gives you access to additional services that are not included in the public option. It also gives you access to the most advanced diagnostic tools, equipment and treatments, ensuring that you receive the best service. 

Tips on finding reliable private GP services 

If you have decided to go private, you want to ensure that you are receiving the highest standards of care from the best private GPs. When you are paying for your treatment or for private medical insurance, you naturally expect a high level of service. Below we share a few tips to help ensure that you are receiving the best care. 


Your consultant should be suitably qualified as well as a member of the appropriate associations and organisations. All doctors should be registered with the General Medical Council – you can check the register online. Find out what qualifications your doctor holds and where they trained, as well as any continued professional development since their training. All surgeons should be members of the Royal College of Surgeons; this can also be checked online. 


Asking around about a specific consultant or surgeon can be extremely beneficial and give you a clear idea of their reputation. When a patient has a poor experience with a doctor or surgeon they are often vocal about it; talk to your GP or any doctors and nurses that you know, as well as anyone you know that has had an experience with the said consultant. Many private hospitals publish data (such as infection rates and surgical outcomes) and break these down by individual surgeon. 


Carrying out more treatments and operations does not necessarily mean that a certain private consultant is better, however it does mean that they have more experience of the particular procedure or operation that you require. Undergoing surgery or treatment can be daunting and therefore you should ensure that your doctor is experienced and adequately equipped with the knowledge and skills to carry out your treatment. 

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