Realising that you have a health issue that requires medical attention can be both stressful and anxiety provoking. Today, with our never-ending to-do lists and busy schedules, taking time out of our chaotic lives to visit the doctor can be difficult. Travelling long distances to a doctors’ surgery and then, inevitably, waiting around in long queues to be seen is simply too time-consuming for those who are on a tight schedule. Thanks to online doctor consultations, however, getting diagnosed, prescribed and treated for your issues without spending time travelling to and from the doctors and waiting in queues is an option.

While it is understandable that, in some cases, a face-to-face visit to the doctor is essential (for example, an online doctor is unable to physically inspect your leg for fractured bones), there are some instances in which an online doctor can be just as effective. Online doctors are able to respond to a description of symptoms, determine your health history and prescribe medicine for common conditions – something that is saving people all over the UK lots of time.

Below, we take a look at some of the advantages of online doctor consultations. If you are facing a health issue that is not an emergency and does not require urgent medical attention, an online medical consultation may be perfect for you. Read on to find out more.

Get prompt medical advice online 24/7

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of having an online medical consultation is that you do not have to wait in a clinic or at the doctors to be seen. Instead, you can submit your information and symptoms at any time, securely and confidentially, and await a response. Online doctors are available at all hours of the day; if you suddenly wake up in the night feeling unwell or if you get home after a long day and feel too unwell to go out again, online medical consultation can provide you with instant answers.

When you call up the doctors to make an appointment, it can often take hours, days, or even weeks in some cases, to be seen. Of course, for many people, this is not suitable – particularly as waiting long periods to be seen by a doctor for a medical issue can be anxiety-provoking. Instead, online consultations are available from your screen, at any time. This is also a very beneficial service for the eldlery or those who are fragile and unable to easily travel to the doctors from home.

Enjoy your anonymity

For many of us, discussing private health issues and personal medical symptoms is something that we find embarrassing and uncomfortable – even if it is in the privacy of a doctor’s room. Sadly, many people avoid visiting the doctor if they are too embarrassed to discuss their issue; however, this can be dangerous and unhealthy if you leave a problem too long without seeking medical assistance.

When you use an online consultation service, you can talk to a trained professional from the comfort of your own home – something that can motivate people to seek help sooner. Feeling relaxed when discussing your issues is extremely important; clearly stating your symptoms and concerns is key to finding the root of the problem. When communicating with a doctor online, you can enjoy anonymity and talk freely about your medical issues without suffering from embarrassment.

No location boundaries

Every time you visit the doctor, you have to travel to get there – whether that’s by driving yourself there, getting the bus or asking a friend or family member to drive you. On top of this, think about the traffic, cost of petrol, and time spent waiting for the bus…

For those who live in remote areas, easily accessing a doctor can be difficult, not to mention expensive and time-consuming. Accessing medical advice from a doctor online eliminates the need to travel, which can also be very difficult for those who suffer from conditions that reduce their mobility or those who live in remote areas where they have to travel to the closest town or city for medical attention.

When you use an online doctor consultation portal, medical specialists practising in all parts of the country are available in one place. You have unlimited access to a huge range of experienced and highly trained medical professionals without needing to travel. Perhaps you regularly travel for business; if this is the case, you may find that you are often away from your doctor. As there are no location boundaries when it comes to online medical consultations, you can consult your doctor even if you’re away.

Convenient and safe prescription services

Online doctor consultations are an extremely convenient option. When you talk to an online doctor and discuss your symptoms, your medical history is conveniently stored online for future reference, so that you do not have to spend time answering the same questions repeatedly and going over your medical history. Again, for your convenience, you have the freedom to request a doctor based on gender, language and affiliation to a specific hospital – something that can make you feel more comfortable when discussing personal medical issues.

When it comes to prescriptions, your online doctor is able to prescribe you medication remotely. They will send your prescription to a pharmacy near you which you can easily pick up at a time or date that is convenient for you. If your online doctor thinks that a prescription is medically warranted, they can prescribe a wide range of medications, such as allergy medications and antibiotics, that can eliminate infections and boost your immune system.

Online doctors can offer a wealth of advice

During your online medical consultation, you will be provided with information and advice regarding your condition. Following this, online doctors can provide additional information to help patients understand more about their conditions. In your own time, it can be very helpful to read about your symptoms and conditions; however, a simple search on Google can point you in the wrong direction and leave you fearing the worst – something that is both stressful and anxiety-inducing. Instead of looking up your symptoms on the internet, you can benefit from a wealth of additional information that has been approved by your doctor following your consultation.

This gives patients the opportunity to find answers to questions that they may not have thought to ask during their consultation, and the chance to learn more about their condition and how to best deal with it, using trustworthy and doctor-approved information.

Duality Health: private healthcare in Newry and Dungannon

At Duality Health, we understand that visiting a doctor is difficult for many people. Whether you are simply too busy to visit the clinic, you feel too unwell to get out of bed or you are out of the country and need to speak to a doctor, receiving medical advice online from Duality Health couldn’t be easier.

All you have to do is book an appointment online via our booking portal and complete the form that is then sent to you via email. Following this, you will receive an email prior to your consultation; simply click the link and instantly talk to a doctor online.

While we are extremely happy to offer this service to our patients, we do understand that some people do prefer to discuss their health issues in person, which is why our physical clinics are always available to those who need them. Just a few of our services include family planning and women’s health, blood and allergy testing, medicals and private GP services. To learn more about our services and how we can help you today, simply visit our website.